Published works

Every once in a while, I write something worth holding in the physical world and not just opening in a new tab on internet. Those times are few and far between, but here's proof they exist.


Play for a Living With Charlie Hoehn

Play for a Living is a beautiful coffee-table book with art and inspiring quotes about bringing the spirit of fun and joy to your work. You'll learn how our most successful and influential workers — from Steve Jobs, Bob Dylan to Plato — believed in the importance of remaining playful throughout your life. 

This is not your average business book. There are no word-heavy formulas about how to be successful or more productive. This is about the human spirit at work. 

If you believe in doing work you love, making a dent in the universe, and unleashing your inner genius, Play for a Living is for you.


We're Just Talking

A single strategy to help you see job interviews for what they really are: a conversation about the one thing you have the most expertise in — yourself.

Learn how to pick the perfect job, how to properly prepare for your interview and how to best advocate for yourself during negotiations.

This is more than a book. It's a coaching session you can return to again and again. Use it as a constant reminder that interviews are nothing more than people just talking.

I also offer consulting sessions for readers of the book who want one-on-one practice before their next big interview. If you're interested in that, contact me here.