This is where I should probably list my achievements to prove that reading the ideas on this site is worth your time.

The truth is only you can decide that and I don't want to come across as overly self-indulgent. This is my blog after all. I'm already dangerously close to crossing that line.

In the event that you do want to know more about the person behind the posts, here are the basics.

I started out my professional career working as a writer for SheKnows for over 6 years. I have experience in traditional and self-publishing — my book with Charlie HoehnPlay for A Living, published in August 2017 and my book, We're Just Talking, published in October 2017. Currently, I freelance as a writer and strategist for clients across the U.S. My portfolio includes higher education, b2b, consumer packaged goods, multi-unit restaurants and fashion brands. If you're interested in working together, please contact me here or via email

This blog is a collection of strategic ideas, thoughts on empathy and compassion, and occasionally I touch on what it means to be an ambitious woman with mental illness who is trying to build successful career. 

Thank you for caring.